I HAVE BREAKING NEWS! OK, I’ll start from the beginning… Our How To Taft-Hartley Yourself video is one of our most popular videos, because it provides actionable tips that you can use to help get yourself into the film and TV actors’ union, SAG-AFTRA.
Now there are some changes afoot. I attended a members-only seminar last week at SAG-AFTRA specifically pertaining to the low budget new media contracts. We were notified that SAG-AFTRA will no longer be processing Taft-Hartley reports for low budget new media projects.
I repeat: SAG-AFTRA will no longer be processing Taft-Hartley reports for low budget new media projects.
OK… so, don’t freak out. You won’t get a Taft-Hartley, but you can still become eligible to join SAG-AFTRA. Check out the video for the steps you can take to not only produce your own content, but get into the union too!

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In addition, producers will no longer be facing any Preference of Employment fines for using non-union talent. This is HUGE news for both actors and producers alike, because it actually makes creating low-budget projects easier! You can download the info sheet I received from SAG-AFTRA at the seminar here.
Now, please remember that I am not a representative of SAG-AFTRA, and I am certainly not recommending that you join the union before you’re ready. I am a huge proponent of joining the union when YOU reach that critical point in your career. Click here to get my thoughts on when the best time is for YOU to join SAG-AFTRA.
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Can’t wait to see your new media projects!

Ajarae Coleman | Workshop Guru

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  1. Hi, Ajarae,

    Unfortunately, SAG-AFTRA has created yet another distinction without a difference here. People can still easily use this contract to join SAG-AFTRA before they have the resume and contacts to survive in the industry. Then, we end up with even more SAG-AFTRA members working off the card, and complaining about it all the while.

    Thanks for the update!

  2. Hi!
    I’m currently producing a new media low-budget film and according the SAG-AFTRA provisions it states:
    “Producer is not required to give preference of employment to professional performers when casting roles for the Program or Episodic Series, nor will the Union Security provision of the Basic Agreement be applicable to the employment of non-professionals or qualify a non-professional for membership in SAG-AFTRA”

    You said in the video that you can still be eligible to join by taking the employment contract for the principle role, my question is does it not matter that it states that a non-professional/non-union actor hired to perform under the agreement will not qualify for membership in SAG-AFTRA?

  3. So even actors who are ready to join SAG can no longer do so unless they 1. play the voucher lotto or 2. somehow get a SAG only role (while Non-SAG) that the director will have to pay for. Back to the Catch-22 then…

  4. Hi thank you for the info. Wish I found this post weeks ago! Is there an official place we can get info on joining the union after being in a SAG-AFTRA New Media production? And is there a timeframe to do this? Thank you!!


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