I absolutely love New Orleans. I’ve been here a week now shooting a guest star on NCIS: New Orleans and it has been amazing.
Last week I began to show you some simple steps for how to prep for travel as an actor, and this week I’m adding some practical steps you absolutely need to take if you want your travel time to be completely stress-free. From making sure your “Go Plan” is in order to checking the weather, these are simple things that you do not want to overlook.

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We went over step one last week, how to create your actor “Go Plan”. Click here to watch.
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And now I want to hear from YOU! What are some of YOUR travel tips that make your life that much easier? Share them in the comments below and with your fellow community of actors!
Do you have a juicy question you want me to cover in a future episode of GuruTips for Actors? I’ll be answering YOUR questions every few weeks, so be sure to send them in to [email protected]!

Nothing can beat this New Orleans food. Seriously.

Ajarae Coleman | Workshop Guru

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  1. Congrats on the job!
    My #1 tip for actor travel (in the US) is fly Southwest Airlines. With the increasing amount of work in other states as a ‘local hire’ you may have to (want to) travel at your own expense for callbacks and bookings. Southwest is great because A) You can cancel your flight up to 10 mins before leaving, and you don’t lose money or points! They hold it for your next flight. B) You can take 2 checked bags free and another 2 in the cabin. C) They have WiFi on the plains D) They have a great points bonus scheme with their credit card (see http://www.bit.do/FLYFREESW) and watch the video here about how to get a free companion pass for your partner.

    #2 Travel Tip – always take your passport, even if only flying domestic. As you might book that role on Game Of Thrones that shoots in Ireland. Tomorrow. 🙂

  2. Ajarae
    Like Darren said “Congrats” on the NCIS New Orleans gig. It is one of my most passionate goals to be cast as a Cop on a show like that. I honestly believe my 30 years in Law Enforcement, especially my many years working Undercover Narcotics, gives me a true sense of authenticity for just about any Cop show. As far as travel tips are concerned, whenever I go to a live audition in the LA area, I always take another driver with me (usually my wife). It is a 4 hour trip from our ranch. This gives me a chance to practice my sides for an additional good chunk of time. I also need to update my Passport…just in case.
    Best ALWAYS!!
    Johnny Jardine


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