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Happy Tuesday Actors! Today we’re back again with Workshop Guru’s Social Media & Marketing Director, Evin Michaels! We’ve had an incredible response to our last two videos on social media, but we’ve noticed a problem some actors are having: what the heck do I post?!

I brought Evin back to answer this question because it all comes down to one thing: Your Brand

Identifying and staying true to your brand makes it easier to know what to post and what not to post, what your profiles should look like, and what kind of audience you should be targeting.

So now comes the question, “How do I find my brand?” but don’t worry, Evin and I have got you covered.

Evin is the founder and Lead Social Strategist of Social With An i Consulting (and one of my great friends), and he wants to make your life easier by helping you identify your brand, and help you stay true to it so posting content is a breeze.

Like we say in the video: Your type is not your brand. Your type is your castability. Your brand is your personality.

If you want to have even more personalized work with Evin, be sure to grab your FREE 30-minute session with him, just for tuning in. During this session, he will go over everything from your social media presence to your website to your actor marketing materials, so you do not want to let this one go by. Grab yours on Social With An i, it’s totally free. Go now. You don’t want to miss out on this.

Now it’s your turn! Share one of your social media profiles in the comments below and let us know if you’ve scheduled your session with Evin! (Each comment enters you to win an exclusive Workshop Guru prize!)

I know that you have lots of questions, and I want to make it easy for you to get them answered. Do you have a burning question that you want me to answer in Guru Tips For Actors? Email us your questions and we’ll address it in a future #GuruTips episode!

My Instagram doesn’t have that many pictures of food.!

Ajarae Coleman | Workshop Guru

P.S. from Evin: Yes it does.


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  1. Hi Alexis! Great question!
    It actually came from [i]my[/i] branding! Something I hear often is that one of the first things others associate with me is “Evin… with an i”. I adopted that into my actor-branding, such as using, because 1. it came from an honest place (that’s my real name) and 2. I could have a natural conversation about it.
    When I started Social With An i, I wanted to keep it relative to my brand, but not make it a part of my actor materials, because it’s social consulting, not acting. From there I got Social With An i!


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