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Happy GuruTips Tuesday Actors! Continuing with our series on actors’ online presence, we’re getting into a huge factor: social media presence.

Social media, especially doing it the right way, can be difficult, and I wanted to help, so I thought the perfect guest with would be Workshop Guru’s Social Media & Marketing Director, Evin Michaels!

Evin is the founder and Head Social Strategist of Social With An i Consulting (and one of my great friends), and he wants to make sure that after today, you understand the basics of what platforms you should be on, what you should be posting, how often, and the right ways to do it!
(Evin also is giving away a HUGE gift to our viewers at the end of the video, so this is NOT a week to miss!)

There are a lot of ways that actors can maximize their social media reach, but you can’t do that without first being on social media!

The first step to maximizing your social media reach is being on social media! And wow are there a lot of them. When I first asked Evin what’s out there, he mentioned: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, Periscope, LinkedIn, Google+, Snapchat, Tumblr, Ello, Pinterest, YouTube— I had to cut him off there. It’s a lot, and that can be kind of intimidating. But as Evin mentions, it doesn’t have to be!

This is a whole new world of marketing that you literally have at your fingertips. But there is a right (and a wrong) way to do it!

We both know it’s a lot of work, and Evin wanted to help you out. He’s giving away a FREE 30-minute session with him, just for tuning in. This is HUGE. He’ll go over your social media presence, your website, even your actor-materials like ActorsAccess and LACasting!

Grab yours at to SocialWithAni.com, and schedule your free consultation! (I’ve already signed up!)

Now it’s your turn! Share a social media profile in the comments below and let us know if you’ve scheduled your session with Evin! (Each comment enters you to win an exclusive Workshop Guru prize!)

I know that you have lots of questions, and I want to make it easy for you to get them answered. Do you have a burning question that you want me to answer in Guru Tips For Actors? Email us your questions and we’ll address it in a future #GuruTips episode!

BRB I need to go tweet!

Ajarae Coleman | Workshop Guru


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Ajarae is an actress and entrepreneur living in Los Angeles. She founded Workshop Guru in 2012, which expanded into Acting Resource Guru in 2017, to help actors save time and money on classes and workshops, and give them a powerful voice by publishing anonymous actor reviews of acting schools, casting directors, talent agencies and management companies. You can see Ajarae on shows like ABC’s SCANDAL, REVENGE, PRIVATE PRACTICE, and THE CATCH, CBS’s THE McCARTHYS, 2 BROKE GIRLS, and NCIS: NEW ORLEANS, NBC’s DAYS OF OUR LIVES, TNT’s PERCEPTION, I'M SORRY on TruTV, and more. She raised over $17,000 and co-created an action comedy television show called SMACK Unit, currently has national commercials running, and has cultivated rewarding relationships with her agents and manager.


  1. Thank again for all your tips. I just sent a message to Evin on his website. My struggle is finding the time or remember to get on social media and express or share an idea or thought. When I find the time I feel like its not worth telling, im not saying much or who cares.smh.

    I heard about your lost. May God bring peace to you and your family.

  2. Thanks for sharing Evin’s work! I just scheduled my free consultation and am excited to up my social media game 🙂

    . IG handle: @taylor.dmnq

  3. Thanks so much for the kind words, Javier.

    I feel the same way about struggling to find the time. The more you do it, the easier it seems though. At first, I had to schedule in time, and now it comes more naturally in the spaces in my day. Good luck, and enjoy working with Evin!


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