This week’s #GuruTips for Actors post is from #GuestGuru, Christine Horn! Christine is an award-winning actress, Life + Career Coach for Actors and the author of Playing Small: The Actor’s Guide To Becoming A Booking Magnet. I adore Christine because she’s the real deal. She works a TON, and she is so generous with her knowledge. She’s showing you how she cracked the code to become a working actor, so you can have the career you desire and deserve as well. Enjoy her incredible content below and be sure to show her a little love in the comments! xo, Ajarae

Here’s the deal. The inner game of booking more work starts with your self-talk. Working in this industry is hard.  Period. So you have to be your #1 cheerleader. That process starts with how you talk to yourself.

I want you to declare right now, that you are a BOOKING MAGNET.

Say what? Just…stick with me.

A Booking Magnet is an actor who understands that they draw positive or negative experiences into their lives based on the way they think.  They are aware that if they take positive steps towards their career, then only the best will come from it. Through positive affirmations, visualization and unwavering self-belief, Booking Magnets know that being a working actor is inevitable!

I coined this term as a way to inspire myself on a daily basis.  Even when I had no bookings or when I was experiencing a slow season, I decided to speak life into myself anyway. As an avid student of the law of attraction and quantum physics, I used this daily exercise as an experiment to see if it would impact my life. Spoiler alert: it did!

I am a booking magnet.

I am a booking magnet.

I am a booking magnet.

As I began to say this to myself each day, I was also moved to take inspired action toward my career.  This lead to the creation of what I now know as my 4-part methodology to booking more work.

Here are 4 additional tips you can use immediately to become a booking magnet.

1- Treat your mind like your most precious commodity.

As I mentioned above, your mind is the most powerful tool that you have.  Use it for good. You have have the power to create your life and career by design. Your mind is literally a gold mine!  It’s a super computer. Use it to download only the very best. Delve into personal development, self-help books and positive affirmations.  It may not feel connected to acting, but I assure you…once your mind is strong, your confidence will strengthen with everything that you do.  

2 – Study and dissect the medium you desire to work in.

If you want to work in television, study television.  If you want to work in musical theatre, study musical theatre.  If film is your jam, study film. If you want to dominate a field, you must study it as if you are a private detective.  You no longer have permission to watch TV, Film or Theatre as a spectator only. This is your job. What are the actors wearing? How is the acting approach different? What’s the tone of the show?  The more you dissect something, it will become less of a mystery to you. When you feel like you’ve got it down, your confidence will grow because you know exactly how you should show up to future auditions and bookings.

3 – Make marketing yourself non-negotiable.

You can’t be a secret and a success.  Decide that you are worthy enough to let the world know you exist.  If your only strategy to booking more work is to wait and hope you get discovered, I can promise you that is not the best strategy.  You are an actor. You are the solution to a problem that casting directors have…they need to fill roles. Your job is to get on their radar so that when an opportunity presents itself that you are right for, they can call you in.  You have to build relationships and you have to be consistent. Marketing is not an event. It is an ongoing process and you can do it without feeling sleazy, slimy, desperate or thirsty.

4 – Make auditioning your new side hustle.

Don’t make the mistake many actors make: they use real auditions to practice auditioning.   Auditioning like a pro is a muscle that must be used as often as possible.  Try to find a scene to self-tape or memorize as often as possible. Submit to casting notices for community, indie or student projects just so you can get in the habit of delivering amazing auditions.  Dedicate time every single week to get better and better. That way, when a really big opportunity comes your way, your confidence level will be higher because you already have a flow that works for you.

As you can see, common thread to booking more is the inner work you must do on a regular basis.  Consistency leads to confidence. Confidence leads to bookings.

You already have all the tools you need to become a booking magnet.  The first hurdle you’ll need to conquer to make that a reality is Y.O.U.

If you want more tips on how to become a booking magnet, visit me at Hollywood Bound Actors and grab my FREE video training series, The Get Booked! Playbook.

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Christine Horn is an award-winning actress, Life + Career Coach for Actors and the author of Playing Small: The Actor’s Guide To Becoming A Booking Magnet. Inside her online show, Actors Daily Bread and her podcast The Hollywood Bound Actor, Christine reveals how she cracked the code to become a working actor. She's also the founder of the Booking Magnet Academy: the #1 virtual training center for actors who want to book more work in film and television. Whether you saw her perform on Broadway in The Lion King, at The White House, or in one of her many film/television appearances, Christine's resume speaks for itself. Christine believes that most actors play small. Their thoughts sabotage their success. And she's on a mission to help other actors master their mindset, acting, marketing and auditions. That way, they can have the career they desire and deserve.


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