Happy Tuesday! Today is the end of April which means it’s the end of Agent Month here at ARG! We’ve covered a LOT this month, from what different types of agent contracts mean to when you might consider dropping your rep.

To wrap it all up, today I’m sharing a pro tip that will help you evaluate your career and make some changes. Today we’re going to break down why you need to see your talent submission report.

A talent submission report is a simple report that shows you what roles your reps have submitted you for. There are lots of ways you can use this report to further your own growth as an actor, and help your rep get you more auditions, so watch the video and get your action items! There’s a ton of info in this one, so be sure to watch until the end!

Did you know you can request a Talent Submission Report from your reps? Learn how you can use this information to help your rep get you more auditions with these tips from @ActResourceGuru @Ajarae! #TalentAgent #ShareClick to Tweet This Episode of #GuruTips!

There are different reports for Breakdown Services (ActorsAccess) and CastingNetworks (LA/SF/NYCasting), so be sure you note which one you’re looking at.

I hope these tips help you and your team! Remember – this is the LAST day to get your free #AgentMonth bonus with purchase. To grab your copy of the Agent Action Guide: How to Meet, Sign and Love Your Agent… No Matter What Your Resume Looks Like (including the full explanation on how to understand and potentially revise the General Services Agreement agency contract) click here!

See you in May!

Ajarae Coleman | Workshop Guru

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Ajarae is an actress and entrepreneur living in Los Angeles. She founded Workshop Guru in 2012, which expanded into Acting Resource Guru in 2017, to help actors save time and money on classes and workshops, and give them a powerful voice by publishing anonymous actor reviews of acting schools, casting directors, talent agencies and management companies. You can see Ajarae on shows like ABC’s SCANDAL, REVENGE, PRIVATE PRACTICE, and THE CATCH, CBS’s THE McCARTHYS, 2 BROKE GIRLS, and NCIS: NEW ORLEANS, NBC’s DAYS OF OUR LIVES, TNT’s PERCEPTION, I'M SORRY on TruTV, and more. She raised over $17,000 and co-created an action comedy television show called SMACK Unit, currently has national commercials running, and has cultivated rewarding relationships with her agents and manager.


  1. Thanks so much for the reminder. I asked my agent for a Submissions Report 3 months ago and she said she didn’t have time. I was fine as long as she thought we were on the same page. Fast forward to now, 3 months later and I asked again last week – and worded it the way you described (whew, glad I was on the right track!) and nothing. I realize now it takes a minute. 6 months and no auditions through her. Time to go. Thanks!


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