Happy Tuesday! I’m back with Acting Teacher and Founder of Intentional Acting, Loren Chadima to continue our discussion of the acting craft.
First we began by introducing what “intention” means to an actor, and how it can help your scene.
Then we continued the conversation by showing you why you are NOT the most important person in the scene. (shocker, I know)
Now we’re wrapping up with Loren by teaching you how to use these tips effectively in auditions!
Watch the final video in this series with Loren Chadima below!

What if you could create a relaxing experience for the casting director at every audition? Pretty great, right? Learn exactly how to create an experience in your auditions with these acting tips from @ActResourceGuru and #GuestGuru @LorenChadima! #ActorsLife #ShareClick to Tweet This Episode of #GuruTips!

What if you could learn to create a relaxing experience for the casting director at every audition?To catch up on these acting tips with Loren, watch from the beginning:

Week 1 – What “Intention” Means To An Actor
Week 2 – Why You Are NOT The Most Important In The Scene

Loren introduces the Nine Questions of Intentional Acting. Her methodology takes major acting techniques such as Motivation, Stakes, and Connection, and forms them into questions that will trigger you to make immediate experiential choices. You can get the questions free at TheNineQuestions.com!

Plus you can put these Intentional Acting tools to the test. Register now for a FREE preview class: Confident Cold Readings – using the 9 Questions of Intentional Acting. Choose the date: Tuesday July 10, 2018 or Wednesday July 18, 2018Click here for info: www.IntentionalActingFreeClass.com

I’m 100% using these tips in my next audition!
Ajarae Coleman | Workshop Guru




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