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Happy Holidays!!! This is the time of year to show your gratitude and love to your family, friends, and definitely your representation! These are the people who are always working for you. Even if you audition every day, they only get paid when you get paid, so now is the time to show how thankful you are for having a great team that has your back.

One year my friend dropped off a bottle of wine to each of his agents. He had just turned 21, so he was super excited about just being able to drop off a bottle of wine. There are 4 people in the office, and when he got there, there were 8 bottles of wine on each of their desks. That makes 32 bottles of wine in the office; clearly they didn’t want another bottle of wine. Needless to say, he won’t be bringing a bottle of wine again.

Please. Don’t give a generic bottle of wine or Starbucks gift card. Everyone gives a generic bottle of wine or a Starbucks gift card. Promise you won’t give a generic bottle or wine or a Starbucks gift card. PROMISE.

So- what should we give? Read more to find out.

Okay so, now that we’ve established that none of us are going to give a generic bottle of wine or a Starbucks gift card, what should we be giving? The key here is authenticity. Decide what would authentically come from you, as well as what your agent or manager would authentically want to receive. This doesn’t have to be expensive; even a sincere and thoughtful card would work, but now’s the time to show what makes you, YOU!

Now I want to hear from you! What are you giving your agent or manager for the holidays this year? Leave a comment below! (plus each comment is an entry to win an exclusive Workshop Guru tote bag!)

Have fun gift shopping!


Ajarae Coleman | Workshop Guru

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