This week’s #GuruTips for Actors post is from #GuestGuru, Heidi Dean! She is the industry’s top social media expert for actors, and the creator of and the InstaActor program. Heidi combines her years of industry experience with cutting-edge social media strategy, to help you leverage the power of social media to open more doors for your acting career.! Enjoy her incredible content below and be sure to show her a little love in the comments! xo, Ajarae

Instagram is a great place to show the world who you are and to give your fans a glimpse into your #actorslife beyond the stage or set. However, many actors don’t take advantage of this opportunity or, even worse, they use the platform incorrectly.

Here are 3 instant improvements for your Instagram so you can start creating opportunities for your acting career.

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  1. Optimize that 1st impression.

The first step to using Instagram as an actor is NOT growing your following or building relationships with casting directors, it’s making sure your profile really rocks! This means optimizing your profile photo, bio, website link and Story Highlights.
You only have a few seconds to make a great impression on Instagram and the best place to start is with your bio. A great Instagram bio creates a rockstar first impression and convinces people to hit that ‘Follow’ button. It should clearly tell us WHO you are, WHAT you love and WHY we should follow you.

2. Stop trying to “fit in” on Instagram.
Everyone wants to fit in but, on Instagram, you want to STAND OUT. To stand out and attract more followers, you have to develop your unique posting style. You need to consider what you’ll post about the and overall style and feel of your grid.

One of the biggest reasons you don’t stand out on Instagram is because you’re too busy posting about your #actorslife – you know, the #grateful actor, doing the #actorhustle, or when you’ve #Bookedit – but you’re forgetting to show us who you are as a person!

The more your posts reflect your unique personality – the more you’ll stand out.

Sure, your followers (and potential followers) want to hear about your latest booking but they really want to know how you’re just like them. And, as your career grows, most of your followers won’t be actors.

3. Start treating Instagram like a party.

Instagram is like a GIANT party. If you just sit and wait for people to find you- you won’t make many friends. But, if you start introducing yourself to people that like the same things you do, you’ll start growing your tribe.

Simple ways to do this are:

  • Step outside your circle of followers and reach out to someone new. On Instagram this is liking, commenting, following or giving someone a shoutout in your posts or Instagram Stories. These social signals help you connect with new people and grow your following.
  • Use the right hashtags on your posts. Hashtags are an awesome way to sift through noise to find people interested in the same things you are. The right hashtags expose your posts and stories to a large, targeted audience and help you grow your following. The wrong hashtags, like #Followforfollow, may get you a quick increase in followers, but they’re not likely to engage with your posts or stick around since these tags don’t attract people interested in what you care about. I show you how to find the right hashtags here.

These 3 simple fixes will help you start to see results on Instagram right away.

If you want more tips to help you build your audience and make an impact on Instagram (in less time everyday) make sure you grab your seat in my free Instagram Class for Actors here.

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Heidi Dean is the industry’s top social media expert for actors, the creator of and the InstaActor program. She is a graduate of NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts and was a working, professional SAG and AEA actor for over 20 years. Combining her years of industry experience with cutting-edge social media strategy, she helps you leverage the power of social media to open more doors for your acting career. Her clients include Emmy Award winners, Broadway stars, recording artists, directors, producers, filmmakers and actors just like you. Heidi turns social media rookies into ROCKSTARS!


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