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Save You Money

We make workshop pricing and membership fees transparent, so companies have to provide the best prices in order to compete in the marketplace. We also arrange special discounts for our members with reputable businesses who provide services to actors.

Save You Time

We take all the guess work (and busy work) out of finding the right casting and agent workshops that fit your schedule.  Plus, we make it easy for our members to find the perfect acting class to fit their unique needs. We combine over 70 workshop studio schedules in one place, saving you inbox clutter because everything you need to know is in one, current, easy-to-navigate database.

Empower You

We give you a powerful voice by publishing your reviews of acting schools, acting coaches, workshop companies, talent agents, management companies, and the casting directors who teach workshops. We protect you by keeping those reviews anonymous.

Inform You

Our honest reviews help you decide whether a school, a class, or an agent is REALLY right for you before you invest money and time in a relationship. And our free weekly video series, #GuruTips for Actors, provides a wealth of information that is easy to understand and take action on.

Eliminate the BS

Let’s be honest, a lot of workshop studio emails feel a little sketchy, right? There’s pressure and a heavy dose of fomo involved, but it’s hard to tell whether or not that particular class is truly a fit. And have you ever had a meeting with an agent and just not felt right about it? Yup. We’ve had those experiences too. We get it. And that’s where we come in. Acting Resource Guru gives YOU the tools to make an informed decision about resources and reps. We exist only to serve the best interests of the actor. Our mission is to save actors time and money, and build a powerful force of informed, empowered actor consumers. We don’t have to fill classes, or attract actors to our rosters. We have no other motives.

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