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John Ruby's On-Camera Acting Class
When you take a scene study class, it can often focus on acting for the stage, which is essential to any actors' training foundation. Acting for the camera, however, requires a unique set of skills that not every scene study class can provide. We've partnered with John Ruby, an incredible acting instructor has worked in casting for over 10 years to get ARG Pros a free 30-minute coaching session, in person (LA) or via Skype . In this on-camera acting class you'll learn techniques that focus on making specific, original choices to help you book more work. Learn how to tune your acting instrument so that you're prepared to free your imagination, crush an audition, or show up on set prepared and relaxed. This class deals with all genres of television and film (drama, comedy, single and multi-cam). To take advantage of this amazing offer, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and be sure to mention Acting Resource Guru!
Territory Foods
We all know as actors and actresses we get busy and things tend to fall by the wayside... especially when it comes to eating healthy. It happens, but our bodies are our instruments, so eating right and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is absolutely necessary. Territory Foods is a healthy meal delivery service that focuses on providing locally sourced meals, working in tandem with nutritionists to ensure their products are the best they can be. And if you've got a special request (vegetarian, paleo, etc.), they've got you covered.

We're working with Territory Foods to give all ARG Pro Members $50 off your first order from Territory, so you can begin your commitment to your actor instrument! Click here! to grab the Pro Deal and to sign up!

Casper Mattress
As a performer, not getting a good night's sleep can make a huge negative impact! You never want to show up to an audition tired or try to hide a yawn in acting class (we all can see you). While you make changes in your life to make sure you're well-rested, a good night's sleep starts at the bottom - where you sleep! Casper mattresses provide award-winning comfort head-to-toe, and as an ARG Pro Member, you get an extra $75 off! To get your discount and for more information, click here.

Good night!

The Parking Spot
We all know the airport parking struggle. Your options are to spend an insane amount on an uber or Lyft, beg a friend to take you, or spend a ton of money to park your car at the airport (LAX, anyone?)

We are so excited to announce a new partnership with The Parking Spot! They've got convenient shuttles to take you right to your terminal and with our new partnership, ARG Pros get 20% off all airport parking! To get this deal, download The Parking Spot app and sign up for a Spot Club membership using the code ARG6450. You'll automatically get your discount, plus can earn points for you to use on free airport parking.

PLUS - if you sign up by May 30, you get two free days of parking points automatically added to your account. This promo isn't going to last forever, so go sign up ASAP!

Parents aside: This one's for the kids. If you're looking for an overnight performing arts summer and winter camp - Camp YATC will blow your mind. Give your child the opportunity to experience the top performing arts in a collaborative group environment of his or her peers. Taught completely by working professionals in the industry, classes include: Scene Study, Musical Theatre Dance & Voice, On-Camera Technique, Costumes & Stage Makeup, Monologues, Directing, Business of Show Business, Stunts, Comedy & Improv, Stage Combat, Casting & Audition Technique, Film Editing and Songwriting. There are so many opportunities at YATC for your child to thrive as they empower themselves with training in a supportive environment. As an ARG Pro Member, your child (or niece or nephew) gets $100 off any camp tuition. Simply mention 'Acting Resource Guru' when signing up! More info & sign up for camp at CampYATC.com!


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