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Acting Resource Guru Team
With the help of our actor community we bring the magic of Acting Resource Guru to life.
We love actors, because we are actors.

Ajarae Coleman HBIC

Our founder! Aja is an LA-based actress who enjoys dancing, good food, and rapping... in the car by herself. www.ajarae.com

Evin Michaels BAMF

Our marketer! Evin is an LA-based actor & social strategist who enjoys comedy, good tea & Harry Potter. www.evinmichaels.com

Sarah Siadat BFF

Our bestie! Sarah [Sa-da] is an LA-based actress with a passion for tennis, sour candy & her dogs. www.sarahsiadat.com

Leslee Crisman :)

YOUR bestie! Leslee an LA-based actress who fixes members problems' with a flair for magic & mischief. www.lesleecrisman.com

Nick Lee NERD

Nick is an LA-based web developer & veteran video gamer. He's also great at Netflix marathons. www.ascendosolutions.com

Catherine Orbista DATA

Cathy manages the research team that ensures we have the most up-to-date intel on actor resources. She loves watching the rest of the team on TV.

Denali CBO

The cutest mini husky on the planet, our Chief Barketing Officer enjoys barking during takes and eating... everything.

Beckley HR

Denali's little sister enjoys anchovies and Human Resources. Look for her cameos in GuruTips outtakes.
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