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Create Space For Your Work | #ProductivitySeries Vol. 1 | Workshop Guru

Create Space For Your Work | #ProductivitySeries Vol. 1

We are so excited to be announcing our brand new Productivity Series! We get it, actors are busy, and there are only 24 hours in the day, but still so much to...
What's Your Morning Routine? | Acting Resource Guru

An Actor’s Morning Routine!

I get asked this all the time: "Ajarae, HOW do you do it all?" Listen up, everyone - I have the same 24 hours in the day as you do. I learned to...

Nobody. Knows. Anything.

To me, every person who wholeheartedly embarks on the journey of becoming a modern-day professional actor is a hero. A brave AF hero. I'm completely serious. Why do I say this? Because...

All About Boundaries

I’m going to give you a little window into my life right now. Every couple of months I sit down and brainstorm what the heck I am going to make videos...
3 Steps to Beat Procrastination | Acting Resource Guru

3 Steps to Beat Procrastination

Here's the good news if you're a procrastinator... And... let's face it... we all have done it at some point... (no one is completely immune, am I right?) When it's happening, the last thing you should try to...
Creatives Making Money | Ajarae Coleman

My name is Ajarae, and I’m a recovering overworker.

Ever feel like this? Like you just do... a LOT? Me too. I was a guest recently on the Creatives Making Money podcast from my good friend, Jamie Jensen, to talk about...
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Is It Me or Is It Trauma? Strategies For Coping

We are all experiencing a collective trauma right now. An unfathomable number of deaths around the world... Uncertainly about where our next paycheck is going to...
The Power of Morning Pages | Workshop Guru

The Power of Morning Pages

Make Your Time Your Own | Acting Resource Guru

Make Your Time Your Own