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Eliminating Distractions! (As An Actor) | Acting Resource Guru

Eliminating Distractions!

Happy GuruTips Tuesday! Last week I showed you one of my new favorite resources: [email protected], a tool to help increase your focus. This week, I'm keeping the productivity theme going and giving...
My Secret To Beat Procrastination | Workshop Guru

My Secret To Beat Procrastination!

I get procrastination. Believe me. You don't want to know how long I've been waiting to get this GuruTips episode published. :) Procrastination can be annoying. We don't mean to waste time, but...
The Sale That You Don't Want To Miss | Workshop Guru

The Sale That You Don’t Want To Miss

UPDATE: We had such an amazing turnout yesterday, that we wanted to keep this #SpringSale sale going! More opportunities to get a FULL YEAR for only $48 with the code "springsale"!!!...
Become a #BlogStar and Create Your Online Presence | Workshop Guru

Become a #BlogStar and Create Your Online Presence

Did you know that most actors don’t get the opportunities they want because they simply don’t have enough exposure? Sure, you can be talented as hell, but if no one knows...
Ajarae Coleman's Daily Schedule | Acting Resource Guru #GetStuffDone

Aja’s Daily Schedule

I'll be honest - I love being productive. I love being able to relax at the end of the day knowing that I accomplished what I needed to get done. But I...
How To Be The CEO Of Your Acting Career | Acting Resource Guru

How To Be The CEO Of Your Acting Career

Happy Tuesday! I hope you enjoyed the last few weeks with Loren! It's not often I get to sit down with an acting coach for our video series, so it was...
How To Keep Your New Year's Resolutions | Workshop Guru

How To Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year!!!! Hope you all had an amazing holiday with your family and friends (and not to mention some good food)! This is our last #GuruTips of 2015, but not to worry,...
The 80-20 Rule for Actors | Acting Resource Guru

The 80-20 Rule for Actors

Lots of acting career coaches will tell you that you need to learn how to be pretty good at all the administrative tasks of being an actor to be successful. So you’re...
Three Tips For Dropping A Bad Habit! | Acting Resource Guru

Three Tips For Dropping A Bad Habit!

Happy Tuesday! Who here has a habit that is... probably not the best for you? Everybody better be raising their hand! Whether it's salty snacks (guilty), saying "yes" too often, always being late...
What You Need In Your Actor Toolkit | Acting Resource Guru

What You Need In Your Actor Toolkit

Happy Tuesday Actors! A few weeks ago we spoke with the amazing David H. Lawrence XVII who gave us the rundown on breaking into voiceover. David also runs a super-resourceful website called...
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Making Time for a Relationship as an Actor

Happy Tuesday! I'll keep this one brief. Today I'm answering a question from a #GuruTips viewer on a topic we've never covered before... relationships!...
Make Your Time Your Own | Acting Resource Guru

Make Your Time Your Own