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OK – I get it. Social media is awesome… in theory. You get to post fun pictures, see what your friends are doing, maybe rant a little, right? But we actors know that sometimes social media can seem like work. We’re supposed to connect with industry decision-makers, share our new projects (but what if we don’t HAVE any new projects?!), promote our personality and our brand in addition to those new projects (but again, what if we don’t have any new projects!)… and honestly now it all seems a lot less awesome.
Three of my coaching clients told me they hate social media today, so I knew I had to make a #GuruTips video about it.
I’m showing you four steps you can take to HATE social media… but still get it done… the RIGHT way!

I brought my good friend (and Workshop Guru Social Media & Marketing Director) Evin Michaels on as a guest last year in a 3-part “Social Media for Actors” series. He explains the importance of an actor’s online presence, shares helpful tips to keep in touch with the right people, clues us in on which platforms are right for you, AND tell us how to establish our brand.¬†Click here and check it out!

Do you have a juicy question you want me to cover in a future episode of GuruTips for Actors? I’ll be answering YOUR questions every month, so be sure to send them in to questions@workshopguru.com!

#followforfollow (I’m kidding. PLEASE don’t ever do this.)

Ajarae Coleman | Workshop Guru


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