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As actors we have to deal with criticism… pretty much all the time.
Whether it be notes in class, negative press, or even a hateful Facebook comment, there will likely be a time in your career that someone has something negative to say about you or your work.
Recently, a prominent member in an actor Facebook group voiced their negative opinion of my No More Taft-Hartleys For Low Budget New Media Projects video from last week. Now, though this member did it rather aggressively (even suggesting that I should be shot 😳  #yikes), I still wanted to react graciously, so this topic really hits close to home for me.
No matter what type of criticism it is, you always want to respect yourself and others. So this week I’m sharing five tips you can use to respond calmly and with grace, and still feel confident in yourself and about your work.

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Thanks for watching! And remember, if you respond with respect and honesty, you can feel great about the fact that you took the high road! (And if you ever give criticism, especially online, always share it kindly, because no one needs that negative energy in their life.)
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#HatersGonnaHate #ButYouDontHaveTo

Ajarae Coleman | Workshop Guru



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