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Last week I shared exactly what you need to do now that FOX Casting moved to Casting Networks from Breakdown Services, including getting your theatrical reel footage up.  If you still need our handy checklist detailing what to do, click here.
This week, we’re dealing with first world problems. So imagine you have something airing on TV… always great, right? But how exactly do you get that footage? You don’t want to be that actor pestering production so… what are you supposed to do?
I recently learned a cool, easy-to-use, method of getting your footage from a broadcast from my friend David H. Lawrence XVII of, and today I’m sharing it with you! I’m also including a free shopping list to make the process even easier… 😉
Watch and get this tip below!

Don’t ever sweat about getting your new reel footage from a broadcast again. Learn this nifty tip from @ActResourceGuru! #ActorsLife #ShareClick to Tweet This Episode of #GuruTips!

Shout out again to David for sharing this tip with me!
Make sure to grab your free shopping list for getting your footage + my checklist for what you should be doing with your video footage!
And remember – if you have a question on your mind, please send it to, and I’ll answer it in a future episode of Guru Tips For Actors! Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel, so you don’t miss any #GuruTips!

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