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In case you haven’t heard – FOX Television announced last week that they’ve switched over from using Breakdown Services (Actors Access) to Casting Networks (LACasting/SFCasting/NYCasting) for their casting notices (as well as for movie studio 20th Century FOX).
Deadline sheds some light on the reasons behind this change and why the transition has been so chaotic in this article: TV and Film Casting Biz Disrupted: Fox’s Decision to Drop Breakdown Services for Casting Networks & Its Fallout.
This is a pretty major change for our industry, and there are some things you need done on your Casting Networks profile to ensure a smoother transition for you and your representation.
I explain more in the video below, and I’m giving away a free bonus checklist that outlines EVERYTHING you might need to do to keep your agents happy, stay in the running for these projects, and make sure your profile is the best it can be.

ACTORS – @FOXTV switched to @CastingNetworks from @breakdownsvs/@ActorsAccess, here’s what you need to do ASAP! #ActorsLife #ShareClick to Tweet This Episode of #GuruTips!

Make sure you grab this free checklist that highlights everything you need to do to make sure your Casting Networks profile is updated correctly!
When in doubt you can always ask your reps, but try not to bombard them… they’re freaking out even more than we are.
And remember – if you have a question on your mind, please send it to, and I’ll answer it in a future episode of Guru Tips For Actors! Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel, so you don’t miss any #GuruTips!

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