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Happy Tuesday! Now I love anything that can boost productivity, including music, which is why today I’m sharing with you my absolute new favorite resource: focus@will!
focus@will automatically curates music that is scientifically proven to boost your productivity, increase your focus, and reduce your distractions.
I love it, and if you’re like me and get distracted way too easily, than I know you’ll love it too.
Learn my tips to help your focus and how you can try focus@will for 2 weeks for free!

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Click here and you’ll get two weeks of focus@will absolutely free! I hope you’ll try out my new favorite resource!
And remember, if YOU have a question on your mind, send it over to I’ll answer it in a future episode of GuruTips for Actors!
Let’s get sh*t done!!!

Ajarae Coleman | Workshop Guru


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