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Normally the seasons are great – pilot season, award season, episodic season (you didn’t think I meant spring and summer, did you? 😜) … but what about when it comes time for tax season? Not so much fun.

Because actors have variable incomes, it can be a lot tougher to figure out our taxes than it is if you have an office job. So I’m here to help make it a little easier! I’m showing you some practical tips that you can start implementing so this year’s tax season (and next year’s) is not quite as stressful.
Remember, tax day this year is April 18th, so don’t delay! (You can always file an extension – but that’s due April 18th too!)

Fellow actors: Get tips to make your taxes easier from @Workshop Guru! Tweet: Fellow actors: Get tips to make your taxes easier from @Workshop Guru! #GuruTips

Note: Though I am good at math, I am NOT a tax professional and I am NOT giving you advice on doing your taxes. These tips are just to help you keep track of what you need to keep track of, and avoid the tax season stress!
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Think happy thoughts!

Ajarae Coleman | Workshop Guru


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